Sock Banners (tension banners)

These custom printed fabric Sock Banners will be your go to for directional signage, special event promotion and more. They offer a crisp wrinkle free display, that is sure to grab attention. Available in many different sizes and shapes.

Special shout-out to Pastor Evan in Naples, FL for coining the term “Sock Banners”.

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Sock Banners (tension banners)

Product Description

Our Sock Banners are a great alternative to the standard roll-up banner stands. The thin tube frames provide a solid foundation to showcase your graphics from edge to edge. Assembly takes only 5 minutes. Join the tubes together and lock them in place with a push button snap to make frame. Then slide the fabric cover over the frame – just like a sock. The bottom zipper, tightens the stretch fabric for a beautiful wrinkle free display.

Sets Include:

  • Aluminum tube frame
  • Custom printed zippered sock


Sock Banners (tension banners)